CiTR can’t happen without musicians, so we’re committed to supporting artists making unique tunes. Interested in hearing your music on our airwaves? Submit Your Music to our on-air playlist or come on down to the studio and Perform Live on Air! If you’re more interested in getting your voice heard or sending your ideas out over the airwaves, find out how to Pitch a Story for the Radio. We also offer a mail out service for bands who want to get their music to other radio stations across the country.


Submit Your Music

We are always looking for new music to add to our on-air playlist and music library! CiTR loves hearing new music of all genres from Vancouver and beyond, and we love supporting emerging musicians. You can submit your music to CiTR any time.

Mail Submissions

Send us a copy of your CD, EP, LP or 7″. We do not accept CD singles. We appreciate one page with a band description, the release date, track list, and other information. Feel free to send us buttons, stickers, posters and other small treats with your album. Please avoid excess packaging, bubble wrap, and plastic. Please address your mail to:

Andy Resto – Music Dept.
CiTR Radio
LL500 – 6133 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1


Digital Submissions

We prioritize physical copies, but you can submit releases with a minimum of four tracks digitally through email. Downloads with 320kbps MP3 files are ideal. Please include a preview link and one page of band information. We’re most interested in local releases and music in high demand from our programmers. Email your submissions to Andy Resto at

To follow up, feel free to call us at 604-822-8733, or email one to two weeks after submission to learn whether we’ve added it to playlist or music library. Tracking hours are every Wednesday, 12-3pm.

Submitting to that Show You Love

Take a look at our shows to target specific hosts. You can mail an album directly to the host through our mailing address, or contact the host through the email listed on their show page.


Perform Live on Air

Want to perform live on the air at the CiTR station? We love having touring musicians and local favorites join us in the studio for a live broadcast set! Email Andy Resto at and we’ll look over your request. We’re likely to arrange a live performance if we’re already playing your music, so please submit your music!


Pitch a Story for the Radio

If you’re an author, artist, educator, or academic and want to discuss a particular issue on-air, check out our spoken word shows. We also have several current affairs programs covering a wide array of topics, including News 101 and Arts Report. Get familiar with our shows to see which is the best fit for your project.
You can also contact or, and we’ll help you get in touch with the correct show host.


Want to curate your own playlist or have an idea for on-air content but don’t know where to start? Check out our volunteer page to see how you can make radio for CiTR.

Get Your Music to Radio Stations Across Canada

CiTR offers a mailing service for your band’s new releases! A couple of times a year, we send out a stack of music to other campus and community radio stations across Canada. If you’d love to have your music played on the radio from sea to shining sea, and heard by millions, send us a physical copy of your newest stuff! We take CDs, vinyl, and cassettes. Since the objective of sending out a mailer is to add to the physical music libraries of other stations, we do not accept digital submissions (if you have questions about exemptions, please contact Andy Resto at

Submissions for our June 2017 mailer are open until May 19th

If you have a new release and would like to be included in our September mailer, send an email to Andy Resto at with a brief band bio and digital samples before you send us physical copies.

We offer two mailer packages which go out to the top 10 and top 30 campus/community radio stations in the country, respectively. We will provide you with a list of stations and contact information when you submit so you can follow up with the stations we send your music to. Here is what we need from you depending on which package you would like us to send for you:

Package 1:

  • $20 mail fee
  • 10 copies of your record to be sent to the 10 biggest campus/community stations in Canada
  • 60 word bio to be included with your release
  • A list of 3 bands similar to you to be included with the bio
  • List of any songs with profanity
  • Any other small promo items you’d like to include (i.e. stickers, pins)

Package 2 – same as Package 1 except:

  • $50 mail fee
  • 30 copies of your record sent to 30 stations