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Tribute to Ethan Minovitz, CiTR Alumnus

Ethan Minovitz, Steve Robertson and Patrick Mokrane in the halls of CiTR, circa 1986.

Ethan Minovitz, Steve Robertson and Patrick Mokrane in the halls of CiTR, circa 1986.

A 75-year-old radio station, like any other long-standing institution, must come to grips with the immutable reality that its alumni won’t live forever. While every CITR alumnus or alumna has contributed to the historical fabric of the organization in his or her own way, many have shuffled off this mortal coil over the years without recognition of their passing. In the case of Ethan Minovitz, who passed away suddenly on February 1, 2013, at the age of 50, we cannot allow that to happen.

Ethan graduated from Eric Hamber Secondary School in 1980, having been an integral member of that school’s highly successful Reach For the Top team. Upon his enrollment at UBC in 1981, Ethan joined CITR, where he immediately became a fixture in the newsroom. It was around this time that the station got its first FM licence.

If there was a typical CITR volunteer from that era, it wasn’t Ethan. He displayed little or no interest in the music we played or the shows we sponsored. But everyone from that era remembers him: a small, intense, almost manic man with an oddball sense of humour, his own curious passions and a wellspring of trivia at his fingertips, not to mention a unique hairstyle.

His biggest passion by far at CITR was broadcasting the news. Before his newscasts, he was a sight to behold. A crackling buzzsaw of frenetic energy as he raced up and down the corridor between the newsroom and the broadcast studio preparing to go on air, he somehow managed to harness it all when the mic went on to deliver a quality newscast in that unmistakeable voice of his.

Before departing CITR for a long engagement as co-host of CFRO’s Anthology of Jewish Music, and various journalistic endeavours, Ethan left his mark – in a brainstorming session circa 1983, he came up with the name Discorder for our program guide. More than 30 years later, that name endures.

After many years, we saw Ethan again in the fall of 2012, when several generations of student broadcasters gathered to celebrate 75 years of UBC student radio. Like most of us, he’d gained a few pounds and some grey hair, but had not lost his intensity, his passions (notably cartoon research and Jewish music) or his odd sense of humour. It was a shock to learn only months later that he was gone.

Though many have passed through the halls of CITR over the decades, there was, and will ever be, only one Ethan. RIP.

This tribute was written by Steve Robertson and Chris Dafoe.

CBC The National at UBC

Hello Students of UBC!

Come let your voice be heard, maybe on national television!

Peter Mansbridge and his team from CBC The National are coming to Brock Plaza (just north of the SUB) on Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9 from 11am to 5pm.

They are looking for a broad spectrum of speakers and contributors, preferably students graduating or almost graduating, to talk about the challenges of university and trying to fit into the future workforce.

Everyone’s voice will be heard this Wednesday and Thursday, but a select few will be chosen to be filmed this weekend through Monday to be aired on CBC!

Don’t miss this chance to share your opinion and give a voice to the student body.

Verses Festival of Words | April 5 – 12


Verses Festival of Words starts this Saturday!

The mission of the Verses Festival of Words is to celebrate the transformative power of words – written, spoken or sung; to engage diverse groups in cutting-edge, live performances as both audience and participants; to present influential artists from both the oral and literary traditions, and to encourage the next generation of performers and writers.

What does that mean? It means eight days of slam poetry shows and competitions, poetry readings, literary soirées, spoken word workshops, multimedia performances and much, much more. These events will take place at venues clustered around East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, the heart of Vancouver’s spoken word community. The full schedule for shows and events can be found online here.

If you’re looking for a taste of what the festival will feature, tune in to CiTR next week!  Folk Oasis (Wednesdays 8-10PM) will feature interviews with Geoff Berner on April 2 and James Lamb on April 9, and  The Arts Report (Wednesdays 5-6:30PM) will feature interviews with Ikenna ‘OpenSecret’ Onyegbula, and Leah and Esther from Litany on April 9.

Check out a feature on the festival on Discorder’s ‘Textually Active’ feature online here!

The Verses Festival of Words is a program of Vancouver Poetry House, a registered non-profit organization with charitable status since 2005.

For more information about the festival, check out their website, Facebook page and the Vancouver Poetry House twitter feed! 

Sponsored by CiTR, 101.9 FM!


COVER ME: Girls Rock Camp Vancouver Fundraiser | April 5

1530405_10152241540550490_2001671076_nJoin Girls Rock Camp Vancouver for their second annual evening of covers, COVER ME! The performers are all female-identified musicians from the local music scene sharing some of their favourite covers by female-musicians.

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver is a non-profit society, entirely run by volunteers, that builds self-esteem in female youth through music creation and performance. COVER ME is a fundraising show — all proceeds go directly to Girls Rock Camp Vancouver to help run and support our 2014 summer session!

COVER ME will be happening on Saturday April 5th from 8:30pm to 11:00pm at the Russian Hall. Tickets are 10$ at the door and any donations are greatly appreciated!

For more information, visit the Girls Rock Camp website and Facebook page. 

7th Annual AMS Block Party | April 8


The 7th Annual AMS Block Party is almost here!

This year’s lineup features Adventure Club, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, SHAD, The Crackling, AMS Last Band Standing winner Rebel on a Mountain, MGH! And Sincerely Hana.

This gigantic party will be held this year at Matthews field. Matthews field is located right next to Thunderbird Stadium, a 13-minute walk from the SUB, a 5-minute walk from Totem and Vanier Residences, 5 minutes from the Frats and Sororities.

When: Tuesday April 8 (last day of classes!), 2:30 – 9:15pm

19+ 2 pieces of Government issued ID needed for entry
This event is for UBC students and our community.

Tickets are $30 (plus service charge) on sale April 1 – April 8 in the Outpost in the SUB, or online here. A UBC Student card is needed for purchase
(max 2 tickets per student).

Sponsored by CiTR, 101.9 FM!

Creations Estelle Clareton & Montreal Danse at Vancouver International Dance Festival ends March 29


by Danielle Piper

The 14th annual Vancouver International Dance Festival (March 7-29) features a wide array of performances and workshops with dancers originating from China, Spain, Germany, Japan, the United States and Canada. Over the last three weeks, the city of Vancouver has enjoyed stunning artistry in genres such as Kokoro, Butoh, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet and Flamenco.

Currently running at the festival is “S’envolver”. Choreographed by Estelle Clareton of Creations Estelle Clareton, and performed in partnership with Montreal Danse, S’envoler is a comical piece about freedom and independence. During the dance, many of the dancers imitate the behaviour of birds. At one moment, dancers will break away from the flock and preoccupy themselves with some unknown distraction. The next moment, they try desperately to re-insert themselves into the flock. Throughout the play, the dancers encounter danger, challenges and new experiences, all of which they take in stride in their own amusing, bird-like way. (more…)

The Vancouver International Dance Festival–Isreal Galvan

Isreal Galvan is reputed to be one of the most accomplished and innovative flamenco dancers in the world, known for infusing traditional flamenco with contemporary techniques. He appeared at the Playhouse on March 22 & 23, 2014 as part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival.

One concept central to flamenco is El Duende, an earth spirit that the performer calls into being through the dance. They struggle together, evoking a power that is experienced by the audience as “almost unendurable.” As Galvan stepped into a square of light at the centre of the stage he bowed, as if to an invisible force, welcoming the spirit of Duende into the circle. (more…)

Timbre Concerts Presents: Dum Dum Girls | April 4

1463613_437930859662283_1362085139_nTimbre Concerts and CiTR Radio 101.9FM present:
Dum Dum Girls
With Special Guests Blouse, on Friday April 4th at  The Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward Street)

 Come check out this wicked American pop band, on tour to support their latest release “Too True”.

Doors open at 8:00pm, show at 9:30pm // 19+/ No Minors

Tickets for $16.00 + service charge available here, or at Red Cat RecordsZulu Records and Highlife Records.

Check out more information on the Dum Dum Girls, Blouse, and Timbre Concerts!

Sponsored by CiTR 101.9 FM!

Steam Whistle Unsigned Show | April 3

3Col_UnsignedSteam Whistle hosts its first UNSIGNED show in Vancouver of 2014 in support of Canadian independent music artists.

On Thursday April 3rd 2014, Redbird, Rolla Olak, and JP Maurice will take the stage in Vancouver at the Biltmore Cabaret!

The Unsigned concert series started in Toronto five years ago, makings its way across Canada to Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver with the goal of giving back and helping the growth of the Canadian indie music community.

Doors open at 8pm and tickets are only $5!

The best part? 100% of ticket proceeds go straight back to the community through Music Heals.

Check out more Redbird, Rolla Olak, and JP Maurice and find out more about Steam Whistle Unsigned Vancouver here!

Sponsored by CiTR, 101.9FM!

April Workshop Series: Advanced Audio Editing in Audacity and Advanced Interview Skills

CiTR April Workshops!

CiTR April Workshops!

We are happy to announce our April workshop series!
Advanced Interview Skills: A workshop in advanced interview skills- hosted by Sam Fenn and Gordon Katic
Monday April 7th 7pm-9pm in Room 212a at UBC’s Student Union Building
How do you book, plan, prepare, and execute an interview? What’s the wrong way to ask questions? What’s the right way? Are there any tricks? In this intermediate workshop, Gordon Katic and Sam Fenn from the Terry Project talk about structuring interview questions that have a narrative arc, turning your interviews into scenes, and the dos and don’ts of effective pre-interviews.

Advanced Audio Editing in Audacity: A workshop in advanced audio editing- hosted by Sam Fenn, Gordon Katic and Chirag Mahajan
Thursday April 10th 7pm-9pm in Room 205 at UBC’s Student Union Building
How do you turn hours of tape into something that makes sense to your listeners? In this workshop, Chirag Mahajan, Gordon Katic, and Sam Fenn of the Terry Project go over the basics of editing with Audacity.


Presenter Bio’s:

Gordon Katic hosts and producers the Terry Project on CiTR, a radio documentary series that focusses on how big academic ideas affect real people. He’s also a student at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.

Sam Fenn is the producer and host of CiTR’s documentary radio program, the Terry Project. He’s also a MA student in the Department of History at UBC.

Chirag Mahajan is CiTR’s Campus Coverage Coordinator, Technical Producer of the Terry Project, and Producer of Discorder Radio. He lives in a world of words and sound!

If you are interested in attending please RSVP at As always, workshops are free for CiTR Members.