Under Review

Junior Boys

After releasing It’s All True in 2011, Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus have spent the past five years involved in various other studio projects. This includes Greenspan’s production on Jessy Lanza’s excellent debut, Pull My Hair Back. The duo’s return, Big Black Coat, operates as a fusion of many genres making up electronic music. This includes elements of arpeggiated techno, laid-back house, funk, and bedroom pop. At its best moments, Big Black Coat blends these elements together with perfect balance.

Take album standouts “Baby Give Up On It” and “No One’s Business” for example. The filtered synths and grooving bass give these two songs a full funky sound. The thumping “What You Won’t Do For Love” has a hypnotic pulse that would fill a dance floor, but also has an ambience to it that sounds just as good on a pair of headphones. There are instances where Junior Boys have potential pop songs on their hands. “Over It” feels like it is going to explode into a big hooky chorus at any moment. It never does however, and this restraint is exemplary of Junior Boys experience in their field.