x Episode January 30, 2019

Season 2, Ep. 2

10:00pm - 11:00pm

In news renting is apparently cheaper than buying, drunk man took wrong Lyft to wrong home, drunk German man survives ride between two train cars at 125 mph, police allege woman found asleep at wheel drove drunk on vanilla extract, police officer runs over couple lying on a road to watch the lunar eclipse. Music by Rong, Blue Strange, Precious Things, Ponytails, Slow Seers, Landmark 20, and Leisure Club!

Track Listing:

Moving On
Rong · Moving On (Single)
The Intro
Blue Strange Band · Farewell To The Boys
I'd Rather Chew Tin Foil Than Listen To You Talk About The Old Days
Precious Things · We Came To Get Hurt
Love To You
Ponytails · Ponytails
The Desert
Slow Seers · Slow Seers
Chuck Ferold
Landmark 20 · Manchild
Hollow Heartbeat
Leisure Club · Hollow Heartbeat (Single)