Word on the Street Episode October 18, 2019

October 18th Episode

5:00pm - 6:00pm

In this episode, Valie hosts the Word on the Street with a very, very special introduction from Tyler, the Creator for collective leader Isaac. The gang talks about some of their experiences at his recent stop in Vancouver for his "IGOR" tour. Isaac makes his album analysis of the week a 2-in-1: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib's Piñata, and its sequel Bandana. Kirk and Sinéad offer some of there insights on climate change representation in music. To close this week off, Valie plays an interview she did recently with Victoria's very own, Bridal Party.

Track Listing:

Bridal Party · Negative Space
Schwey · Schwey
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Pixies · Doolittle
...but I don't know myself (suddenly)...
36? · Milk Mountain
Poison (Caution)
Stonecold Finger · Single