Word on the Street Episode October 26, 2018

October 26th Episode

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Isaac hosts a discussion about album artwork, and the collective look into the stories behind some of the most ubiquitous album covers over the past few decades. People wearing band t-shirts who don't know the music, how tattoos and music are related and other topics are also included in this episode. Check out last week's episode about drug culture in music. Aisia, Jack, Teo, Sinead, Gabe, Liam and Seb were on the air for this one!

Track Listing:

Can't Stop (The Groove)
Schwey · Single
Our Rhythm
Schwey · Single
The Way You Used to Love Me
Diamond Cafe · Single
All U Want
Baby Cages · Bitter Melon EP
Small Car Big Wheels
Enjoy · Small Car Big Wheels
Club Sofa · Club Sofa
Bored Décor · The Colour Red
Faith Healer · Try ;-)
Still Woozy · Single
Juicy Socks
Cherry Glazerr · Single
Winona Forever · Single
That that that
nice apple · cruel apple nice sport
Sigh · DEMOS
Scorpio Moon
Part of Me
Noname · Room 25
Redondo Beach
Patti Smith · Horses