Word on the Street Episode February 6, 2018

What's the Word on the Street?

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Hosted by: Aisia, Bryna, Indigo, Isaac, Jonah, Killian and Zubin
On this episode, we review some events from the past week including CITR's very own Shindig Finale, as well as discuss topics such as the influence of music streaming websites on the careers of D.I.Y artists, the separation of the art from the artist and much more.

Track Listing:

Across the Multiverse ft. Frankie Cosmo
Dent May · Across the Multiverse
Kim Gray · Compulsion
And Away
Albeit · All My Friends Are Models
Twelve Signs
Andrew Mulat · x
After All
Charlotte Day Wilson · CDW EP
Tattoo Tears
Cloudy Busey · x
Chirs Larocca · Voila EP
Kanye West · Graduation
Nuclear Bomb
Cherry Glazier · Apocalipstick
Tough Age · Shame
The Trolls · Treasure Mountain EP
Courtney Barnett · Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes i just sit
Sea Cycles · Ground and Air
Get it Straight
Spentime Palace · Playdate
All Caps
MF DOOM · Madvillainy
74 (Shoreline)
Brtoken Social Scene · Broken Social Scene
Palm Haze · Tangy Dream
You Might Be Sleeping
Jacob Ogawa · You Might Be Sleeping
Peroxide Blonde
Kim Gray · Compulsion