Wize Men Episode January 6, 2017

Wize Men: 2016 Peace Out

9:00am - 10:00am

Austin rambles a bit about 2016 and how much it sucked. TY 2017

Track Listing:

Seki Takashi · Colors
I'm Clean Now
Grouper · Paradise Valley
HomeshakeAlexCalder · NANKHATAI // STUCK INSIDE
Golden Boy
Jacqueline Tucci · Black Coffee
Rare Things Grow
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith · EARS
Everyone Wants to Love You
Japanese Breakfast · Psychopomp
Your Southern Can Is Mine
White Stripes · De Stijl
Christmas Chiptune Video Game Medley 2016!
Monotonemonkey · Christmas Chiptune Video Game Medley 2016!
Mongolian Goat Herder
Jason Camp & The Posers · Neat Times and Family Values