Wize Men Episode April 20, 2015

Wize Men Radio: Stuck In My Head 20-Apr-2015

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Dressy Bessy - Girl, You Shout!-Dressy Bessy
Whitehorse - Eulogy for Whiskers, I-Whitehorse
Le Crayon - Give You Up (feat. KLP) (Darius Remix)-Give You Up
Human Highway - The Sound-Moody Motorcycle
No Joy - Hare Tarot Lies-Wait to Pleasure
Wu-Tang Clan Vs The Beatles - Save Me Dear-Enter The Magical Mystery Cham
Tiga - Bugatti (feat. Pusha T)-Bugatti
Reptar - Cable-Lurid Glow
The Band - King Harvest (Has Surely Come)-Greatest Hits
Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)-Lay Me Down
StaG - It Worked For Him-It Worked For Him - Single
Last Lynx - Killing Switch-Ocean Reels

Track Listing:

Girl, You Shout!
Dressy Bessy · Dressy Bessy
Eulogy for Whiskers, I
Whitehorse · Whitehorse
Give You Up (feat. KLP) (Darius Remix)
Le Crayon · Give You Up
The Sound
Human Highway · Moody Motorcycle
Hare Tarot Lies
No Joy · Wait to Pleasure
Save Me Dear
Wu-Tang Clan Vs The Beatles · Enter The Magical Mystery Cham
Bugatti (feat. Pusha T)
Tiga · Bugatti
Reptar · Lurid Glow
King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
The Band · Greatest Hits
Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)
Sam Smith · Lay Me Down
It Worked For Him
StaG · It Worked For Him - Single
Killing Switch
Last Lynx · Ocean Reels