Wize Men Episode March 16, 2015

Wize Men: Positivity 16-Mar-2015

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Snakehips - Days With You ft Sinead Harnett-/
Caye - Tonight-/
Alabama Shakes - Rise To The Sun-Boys & Girls
Drake - 6pm in New York-If you are reading this it is too late
Michael Cera - Clay Pidgeons-true that
Imaginary Cities - Ride This Out-Temporary Resident
The Acorn - Flood pt. 1-Glory Hope Mountain
Tenacious D - Wonderboy-Tenacious D
Lil B 'The Basedgod' - Basedgod's Layer-Godsfather

Track Listing:

Days With You ft Sinead Harnett
Snakehips · /
Caye · /
Rise To The Sun
Alabama Shakes · Boys & Girls
6pm in New York
Drake · If you are reading this it is too late
Clay Pidgeons
Michael Cera · true that
Ride This Out
Imaginary Cities · Temporary Resident
Flood Pt. 1
The Acorn · Glory Hope Mountain
Tenacious D · Tenacious D
Basedgod's Layer
Lil B 'The Basedgod' · Godsfather