White Noise Episode February 15, 2017

The Men Who Came

9:00pm - 10:02pm

White Noise presents their radio drama The Men Who Came: a film noir comedy set in upstate New York. The Men Who Came tells the story of two con-men who choose the wrong prey when they attempt to hustle Fiona, a middle-aged widow with more sense than the two con-men put together. The result is a fast paced and wild story of life, death and religion.

Track Listing:

Bully for you
Jpnsgirls · divorce
Weird Lines · Sappy futures ltd
Master Of my craft
Parquet Courts · Light up gold
Rae Spoon · Armour
Down it goes
White Lung · Deep fantsay
Nobody else like we
Yessica Woahneil · Cheekbone
I Love seattle
Taco cat · Lost time