White Noise Episode June 1, 2016

White Noise June 1st 2016

11:00pm - 12:04am

This week we have car jackings, job quittings, narcotic takings, boob fakings, pro gaming, marriages breaking and much more!

Track Listing:

Men without hats
The Burning Hell · Public Library
Just becuase I rock doesn't mean i'm made of stone
lost love · comfortable scars
Solids · Else
Yessica Woahneil · cheekbone
Joy Division · The best of joy division
I can swing a hammer
The wet secrets · I can live forever
pressure of our plans
the besnard lakes · A colliseum complex museum
The Knife pleats · Hat bark beach
Charismatic M.F
Veda Hille · love waves
Still Ill
The Smiths · The Smiths