What's the Story? Episode January 14, 2022

(What's the Story) Dark Cabaret?

1:02pm - 1:56pm

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for listening to the very first episode of (What's the Story)!! I'm super stoked about the start of this project so thanks for being a part of it. If you're here you're probably looking for the links to the live shows I mentioned in the episode, so here they are! I've added more events listings which have been announced since the airing of this episode, please also note that lineups are subject to change so I've made some amendments :)


Friday Jan 14:
Artists: Lovely Company
Location: Blue Light Studios
Links: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/blue-light-sessions-presents-lovely-company-tickets-230542638237

Friday Jan 14:
Artists: Charles Mansion, War For Your Money, Autos Jaquet
Location: The Railway
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/charles-mansion-with-special-guests-war-for-your-money-/2257/

Saturday Jan 15:
Artists: Lamsbreath, Uncle Strut and Nuclear Disco
Location: The Railway
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/lambsbreath-with-special-guests-uncle-strut--nuclear-disco/2296/

Saturday Jan 15:
Artists: "Downlow" ft. Max Ulis and Nancy Dru
Location: Dolly Disco
Links: https://www.showpass.com/downlow/
***Note: Lineup has changed since announcement in episode, correct information reflected above***

Sunday Jan 16:
Artists: "The Pokéball" ft. Adam, Animal XXXing, Fagofcolour, Joopiter, Ni Co, QQ.com, Seb B2B E, Maiden China
Location: Normiecorp LIVESTREAM at MOTN
Links: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-pokeball-tickets-246912059617

Thursday Jan 20:
Artists: Green Alderson, Tobacco Brown, Coldwater Road, Robyn Froese
Location: The Railway
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/green-alderson-with-special-guests-tobacco-brown--robyn-froese-/2263/

Thursday Jan 20:
Artists: "Concerts for a Cause" ft. Slightest Clue and Uncle Strut
Location: The Blarney Stone
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/-concerts-for-a-cause-funds-for-bc-floods-volume-2/2275/

Friday Jan 21:
Artists: Aquarius Day, Kylie V, Transistor Riot, Gwen Davies, Kitty Prozac
Location: Red Gate
Links: https://redgate.at.org/

Friday Jan 21:
Artists: Celebrity Warship, Damsel, From Ash and Dust
Location: The Railway
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/celebrity-warship-culture--from-ash--dust/2301/

Saturday Jan 22:
Artists: Zen Junkie, 29 East
Location: The Railway
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/29-east--dead-at-least--zen-junkie-/2246/

Thursday Jan 27:
Artists: JC Townsend, Mike Carew, New Normal
Location: The Railway
Links: https://www.vtixonline.com/mike-carew--jc-townsend/2274/

Track Listing:

Worried Ugly
Harlequin Jones · The Bad Beginning
Gemini Girly Song
Katzenjammer Kabarett · Katzenjammer Kabarett
Girl Anachronism
The Dresden Dolls · The Dresden Dolls
Stolen Babies · There Be Squabbles Ahead
Pretty Balanced · Icicle Bicycle
Sell My Soul
Jill Tracy · The Bittersweet Constrain