Wener’s Barbeque Episode October 10, 2006

Broadcast on 10-Oct-2006

5:03am - 6:01am

Thanks for listening to another edition of the BBQ.
Had a little Podcast trouble with the first hour so you'll have to deal with a "mere" hour.
On the show today:
Bill Plunkett from the Orange County Register (he covers the Dodgers), and lifelong Detroit Tigers fan, gave us his take on the LCS's, Yankees, and Dodgers. He thinks with Joe Torre staying put in New York, that ARod will be gone by next season. Dodgers in 2007.
I talked hockey- Nucks play the Wild tonight, and Gulio Carravata came by as usual with some Leos talk. What a win vs Calgary on the weekend.
I talked NFL, and that was that.