Voice of Korea Episode June 25, 2014

Voice of Korea by Sally

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Fourth Story of VOK!

1. 10cm [Kingstar]

2. 10cm [Love in the milky-way cafe]

3. Thoroughbred State [Friend]

4. JungIn [Autumn guy]

5. Seom[Island]

6. Seom [The boy]

7. Fatdoo [The anaconda which loves barley tea]

8. Fatdoo&1sagain [Clearing memory hospital 3]

9. Rimi and Gamja [Lighter]

10. Blueberry [My love, my fate, my lover]

Enjoy your life!

Track Listing:

10cm · 1.0
Love in the milky way cafe
10cm · 1.0
Throughbred state · friend
Autumn guy
JungIn · Autumn woman
Sum · Island
The boy
Sum · The boy
The anaconda which loves barley tea
Fatdoo · 5th album
Clearing memory hospital 3
Fadoo&1sagain · Hello, Doctor3
Rimi and Gamja · Lighter
My love, My fate, My lover
Blueberry · My love, My fate, My lover