Voice of Korea Episode June 11, 2014

Voice of Korea by Sally

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Second Story of VOK!

1. San E [Story of someone I know]

2. Crush [Sometimes]

3. Urban Zacapa [My love(±×³¯¿¡ ¿ì¸®)]

4. Tasha(À±¹Ì·¡) [Get it in]

5. Kisum [Put it down]

6. Primary f.Beenzino [Far(¸Ö¾î)]

7. Acoustic Collabo [You and me, thrill(±×´ë¿Í ³ª, ¼³·¹ÀÓ)]

8. J.Reyez [Stand out]

9. Geeks [Officially missing you]

Enjoy your life!

Track Listing:

Story of someone I know
San E · 'Not' Based on the True story
Crush · Sometimes
My love
Urban Zacapa · 01
Get it in (English ver.)
Tasha · Get it in
Put it down
Kisum · Put it down
Primary · Primary and The Messengers Part2
You and me, thrill
Acoustic Collabo · Cherry blossoms, some guys some girls
Stand out
J.Reyez · Stand out
Officially missing you
Geeks · Officially missing you