Voice of Korea Episode June 4, 2014

Voice of Korea by Sally

3:00pm - 4:00pm

1. J-Rabbit [Nowadays you are]

2. 커피소년(Coffeeboy) [I'll be on your side]

3. Wax atlantic [Purple hearts]

4. Ra.D [I'm in love]

5. Dynamic Duo [Hot wings]

6. Beenzino (빈지노) [Dali Van Picasso]

7. Primary 프라이머리 [Johnney]

8. Espresso [Call me]

9. 어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa) [Walk Backwards]

10. 옥상달빛(Rooftop moonlights) [You did a great job today]

Track Listing:

Nowadays you are
J-Rabbit · It's spring
I'll be on your side
Coffeeboy · ºóÀÚ¸®(empty place)
Purple hearts
Wax Atlantic · Wax Atlantic
I'm in Love
Ra.D · Realcollabo
Hot wings
Dynamic Duo · Lucknumbers
Dali Van Picasso
Beenzino · Dali, Van, Picasso
Primary · Johnney
Call me
Espresso · Call me
Walk backwards
Urban Zacapa · 03
You did a great job today(¼ö°íÇß¾&ici
Rooftop moonlight · 28