Vibes and Stuff Episode December 16, 2014

Vibes and Stuff Revolution

10:30am - 11:30am

Blu & Knxwledge - Draginbreff-Classic Drug References
MF Doom - Rhymes Like Dimes-Doomsday
Rascalz - Soul Obligation-Cash Crop
Ghetto Concept - EZ On Tha Motion-Groove A Lot Records
Erykah Badu - Apple Tree-Baduizm
Run The Jewels - All My Life-Run The Jewels 2
Common ft Maya Angelou - The Dreamer-The Dreamer
Kish - Crates To Concrete-A Nation of Hoods
Michie Mee - Covergirl-Rapessentials
J Cole - Love Yourz-Forest Hills Drive

Track Listing:

Blu & Knxwledge · Classic Drug References
Rhymes Like Dimes
MF Doom · Doomsday
Soul Obligation
Rascalz · Cash Crop
EZ On Tha Motion
Ghetto Concept · Groove A Lot Records
Apple Tree
Erykah Badu · Baduizm
All My Life
Run The Jewels · Run The Jewels 2
The Dreamer
Common ft Maya Angelou · The Dreamer
Crates To Concrete
Kish · A Nation of Hoods
Michie Mee · Rapessentials
Love Yourz
J Cole · Forest Hills Drive