Unceded Airwaves Episode December 5, 2019

Going Home, Yearning and Talking with nêhiyawak

6:00pm - 6:53pm

What's getting us through exam season? Easy! Thinking about going home to mom's bannock, yearning for a 'soft stud' and new tunes from the new band Nêhiyawak! Join Tyanna, Shelby, Sage and Sabrina as they reflect on the winter season. Then enjoy an interview with Nêhiyawak as they discuss their new album Nipiy.

Track Listing:

Until it's Time For You to Go
Buffy Saint Marie · Up Where We Belong
Soft Stud
Black Belt Eagle Scout · Mother of My Children
kisiskâciwanisîpiy pêyak
nêhiyawak · nipiy
kisiskâciwanisîpiy nîso
nêhiyawak · nipiy