Unceded Airwaves Episode June 5, 2017

Season 2 Episode 29 : Summer session with Victor and Mario

10:58am - 12:00pm

On today’s show we will share two previously aired segments from the Indigenous collective team, Lisa Girbav and Josh Kioke. The intro to the show is by Thomas King from his Massey hall lecture discussing the truth about stories. We felt that in the context of National Aboriginal History Month it would be important to share some episodes that highlighted community stories that give perspectives into Canada's history with Indigenous peoples. The First Segment is By Lisa Girbav which follows a community story about Aboriginal Veterens Day, and the sacrifices Aboriginal peoples made during World War 1 and World War 2. The second segment was conducted by Josh Kioke who interviewed Eden Robinson author of Son Of A Trickster, which has several laughs to balance out the show. Among the two segments are some favourite songs by Niska Napoleon, Dean Hunt, and Buffy St. Marie! From those of us at Unceded Airwaves Thanks for listening <3

Track Listing:

River Tech
Dean Hunt · See Monsters
Up Where We Belong
Buffy St. Marie · An Officer And A Gentleman
Niska Napoleon
Niska Napoleon · Niska Napoleon