Unceded Airwaves Episode February 20, 2017

S2E18 - #OnoYouDidnt, Talking Stick Fest and DJ Kookum

10:57am - 12:00pm

In season 2 episode 18 of Unceded Airwaves, we cover Indigenous issues, current events AND entertainment (all in one show!). We have a student panel consisting of Maia Wikler, Lucy Haché, Melissa Haberl and Lisa Girbav on to discuss UBC Predident Santa Ono's decision to reinstate John Furlong as the keynote speaker at the ZLC Millennium Scholarship Breakfast fundraiser; the fundraiser is scheduled for February 28th, 2017. Josh Kioke interviews a number of people involved in the Talking Stick Festival while at the Wax hoks en Shqalawin Gala, including Denecho Souche, Associate Producer at Full Circle First Nations Performance and the Talking Stick Festival; Colin Van Loon, Curator of Reel Reservations: A Cinematic Indigenous Sovereignty Series; and JP Longboat, artistic director of Circadia Indigena, performing a piece called Greed/Resolve. We also hear from Mario Parent who speaks to DJ Kookum about the Vancouver music scene.

Thank you to our guests Denecho Souche, Colin Van Loon, JP Longboat and DJ Kookum for chatting with Unceded Airwaves this week. Thank you to our student panel of Maia Wikler, Lucy Haché, Melissa Haberl and Lisa Girbav for participating in the student panel. Shout outs to our co-hosts and interviewers Josh Kioke, Mario Parent, Carleigh Baker, Victor Sauca and Lisa for coming in during the reading break (and props to Josh for jumping in as our board operator this week). Unceded Airwaves on CiTR 101.9FM broadcasts from the traditional, ancestral and unceded lands of the Musqueam people. This show is put together every week by UBC's Indigenous Radio Collective, and we are committed to centering the voices of Native people and offering alternative narratives that empower Native people and our stories.

Track Listing:

It's You feat. Natasha Fisher
Classic Roots · Single
Ana Tijoux · Vengo
Maima Koopi
A Tribe Called Red · We Are The Halluci Nation