Unceded Airwaves Episode December 14, 2015

Interview with Mourning Coup

11:02am - 11:59am

In this episode, collective members Sam Nock and Eleanor Wearing sit down for an interview with Mourning Coup, the project of Chandra Melting Tallow who is an artist with mixed heritage from the Siksika Nation. The interview touches on how Chandra got her start as an artist, her new album Baby Blue, cultural ideas around what it means to create "Indigenous" art, and how her identity and experiences influence her work. Throughout the interview there are live recordings from the album release show for Baby Blue, which happened at Horses Records on November 20. After the interview, collective members Eleanor and Mat discuss upcoming events, issues currently in the news, and end by playing a poem created by Mat in collaboration with an Indigenous artist who has requested to remain anonymous.

Track Listing:

Two Black Eyes (live)
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Destroyer (live)
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Master (live)
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Come and Get Your Love
Redbone · Wovoka