UBC Medicine Learning Network Presents Episode August 2, 2023

UBCMLN Presents - EP 1 - MEDamorphosis Podcast - S2E8

11:00am - 12:00pm

UBCMLN Presents debuts with an episode of MEDamorphosis Podcast, UBC Faculty of Medicine learners sit down with various physicians to learn more about their specialties and help learners across the country navigate their medical careers.

In this episode from Season 2, features hosts Aidan Pye & Adam Sage sit down with Dr. Scott Stewart, then a PGY3 in General Internal Medicine at UBC, who just so happens to be one of UBC's incredible Clinical Skills tutors. Dr. Stewart steps away from talking about extra-abdominal signs, to talking about how he ended up on track to be a very successful General Internal Medicine Fellow. His best advice? Be confident and make mistakes.

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