UBC Happy Hour Episode April 6, 2018

S1 E25: Millenial Househunting, GLUT & UBC Conspiracy Theories

5:02pm - 6:05pm

On the final episode of the season, hosts Lalaine Alindogan, Katherine Chambers, Amy Shandro, Sadie Lye and Alex Lenz are celebrating the last day of classes! Jen Brulee starts the show with her humorous podcast on househunting for millenials, and Sadie leads a discussion on conspiracy theories at UBC. Katherine Chambers interviews artist Alexandra Bischoff from the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery about the gallery's exhibit "Beginning with the Seventies: GLUT," which focuses on "language, depictions of the woman reader as an artistic genre and the potential of reading as a performed resistance." Last, we're talking about some of our favourite moments on the show from the past season.