UBC Happy Hour Episode March 23, 2018

S1 E24: UBC Sustainability, Harry Potter on Campus & Haida Art

5:00pm - 6:08pm

On this week's episode, hosts Sadie Lye, Alex Lenz, Julia Farry, Lalaine Alindogan and Katherine Chambers are speaking to Grace Nosek, a UBC PhD student and member of the Environmental Law Group, which is part of the UBC Sustainability Collective. We're talking to Grace about environmental activism on campus, the importance of climate justice, and how story-telling can be an integral part of the environmental movement. Then, Jen Brulee is talking to the UBC Library about their recent purchase of a rare-edition Harry Potter book, and the UBC Quidditch Team. Last, Julia Farry is speaking to Nika Collison, Executive Director of the Haida Museum, about the Museum of Anthropology's new exhibition, Culture at the Centre.