UBC Happy Hour Episode February 9, 2018

S1 E17: Love on Campus

5:03pm - 6:06pm

In a lead-up to Valentine's Day, UBC Happy Hour is exploring love and dating on campus. Hosts Sadie Lye, Lalaine Alindogan, Alex Lenz and Amy Shandro are discussing online dating, f-boys, and how students choose to make time for dating. Alex Lenz and Jen Brulee hit the streets of UBC to ask students about their dating lives, and then Alex Lenz sits down with UBC English professor Mandy Len Catron to discuss her experiences writing about love. Last, Julia Farry is talking to UBC Philosophy professor Carrie Jenkins about her project, The Metaphysics of Love. We're unpacking traditional standards of love, and how the concept of love is evolving in our society. Is love a passive act, or can it be something intentional? Why does our society continue to rely on monogamy? All these questions and more on UBC Happy Hour.