UBC Happy Hour Episode February 2, 2018

S1 E16: The Shadow

4:59pm - 6:06pm

On this week's episode, hosts Julia Farry, Amy Shandro, Alex Lenz and Sadie Lye are exploring UBC's newest public art installation, The Shadow. First, Sadie Lye and Amy Shandro interview the artist behind The Shadow, Esther Shalev-Gerz. Then, the UBC Affairs Collective is joined live by Zak Vescera - a Ubyssey writer who has been covering The Shadow; Sam Du Bois - Culture Editor at the Ubyssey; and Barbara Cole - Curator of Outdoor Art at UBC, for a discussion about The Shadow and its controversies, as well as the role of public art on campus. Last, Julia Farry interviews Eleanor Arkin, a UBC graduate and co-founder of Frida and Frank, an interactive public art collective.