UBC Happy Hour Episode January 12, 2018

S1 E13: Fall Reading Break & Smelling Your Partners' Shirt

5:00pm - 6:03pm

Hosts Lalaine Alindogan, Sadie Lye, Amy Shandro, Jen Brulee and Alex Lenz are sit down with Coordinating Editor of the Ubyssey Jack Hauen and Ubyssey contributor Faiz Vagh to talk about the status of UBC's Fall Reading Break, and the journalism awards the Ubyssey picked up. Amy Shandro brings you her Arts Update, and then Sadie Lye interviews UBC Psychology PhD student Marlise Hofer about her study on how smelling your partners' shirt can reduce stress levels. We're also hearing some tunes from a few bands who played in the week's Live @ Lunch series in the NEST, Maze Theory and Rebecca Hope.