UBC Happy Hour Episode December 8, 2017

S1 E8: Healthier Masculinities, Our Turn & Rent with Rights

5:00pm - 6:00pm

On this week's episode, UBC Journalism student Ryan Patrick Jones is sharing his piece on male-led campus initiatives to engage men in conversations about masculinity, consent, and sexual violence. Alex Lenz speaks with Caitlin Salvino, co-founder of 'Our Turn,' a national, student-led initiative that graded campus sexual assault policies across the country (spoiler alert: UBC 's policy received a B+). We're going to be hearing a brand-new track 'Prig' from UBC band Ghulo. Last, we're sitting down with Sally Lin, VP External of the AMS, to discuss the AMS campaign Rent with Rights, aimed at securing tenant rights for students renting on campus.

Track Listing:

Ghulo · Ghulo