UBC Arts On Air Episode January 21, 2016

Music Professor Eve Poudrier talks Music and Cognition

5:59pm - 6:21pm

Professor Eve Poudrier from the UBC School of Music has a background in music theory from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Throughout her academic career she has been drawn to the use of polymeter - the layering of different beats in one piece of music - in various musical genres. This research led to her interest in music and cognition, where she studies how listeners experience music and the cognitive systems that trigger these emotional reactions. She will be introducing a new course at UBC next Fall based on this research interest, which will be cross listed between the UBC School of Music and the Cognitive Systems Program. Eve Poudrier sat down with Ira discuss all this and more!

Track Listing:

Elliott Carter · Ursula Oppens, Arditti String Quarter