u do u radio Episode May 24, 2018

Episode 040

10:56am - 12:01pm

more exclusive FRNCHM and a track from 1992!

Track Listing:

Darius · Utopia
let me roll (regfant mix)
Regularfantasy · Born On The Weekend
Kingstone Bus Stop Riddim (5 loop)
Shakarchi & Stranéus · Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God
Monroe Bumpa
Jayda G & Laylay · Monroe Bumpa / 186 Halin' (Loving Myself Mix)
Now U Got Me Hooked
A.A.L (Against All Logic) · 2012-2017
Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
DJ Koze · Knock Knock
Homesick, Where's Home
Bella Boo · Fire
Jump Source · Homeward
Love it TBH
Rest Corp · Infinity Scroll
The Twirler
Ciel · white label
Rush Rush
Phantom Band / Linear Johnson & The Protons · Off Record No. 1 - Stollwerck Sampler
Open Your Mind
Last Rhythm · GU Mixed (Unmixed DJ Version)
Four Tet · New Energy