TweetsandTunes Episode October 3, 2012

Tweets & Tunes Music, Moupp & More

6:37am - 8:10am

Magic Pixie Dream Girls - Alice (S/T)
Fink - Wheels (Perfect Darkness)
Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built (Celebration Rock)
Capitol 6 - Autumn In the Wind (Pretty Lost)
Digits - Modern Mess (Where do you belong)
Wolfheart - Reality (Subtle Bodie)
Purity Ring - Crawlersout (Shrines)
Cupla - Formally Known (Letters Home)
Tyranahorse - Rumble Tumble (Garbage Bears)
Mob Machine - Steel Dagger Cowgirl (S/T)
Wintersleep - Resusictate (Hello Hum)
Parlvor - General Hell (Love Fades) (Kook Soul)
Ocean Noise - The Cause (Lost Horizon)
Christine Hart - I want a little sugar in my bowl (S/T)
Spell - Look Out (Lull)