Transition State Episode November 18, 2014

Transition State 2014 11 17

12:00am - 1:00am

T. Nile - When You Wake Up-Tingle & Spark
Olekranon - Periview-Aphelion
Lizzy Hoyt - New Lady on the Prairie-New Lady on the Prairie
Kenna Burima - Come To Me In Cold Dark Slumber-Kenna Burima
Coronado - A Line We Never Drew-Give Up Nothing vol. 1
Open Relationships - Poochy-Poochy
Open Relationships - Nice Dick-Poochy
Good For Grapes - Eskimo-Man On The Page
Reid Jamieson Band - Drive-Juniper's Kitchen
Ema - Neuromancer-The Future's Void

Track Listing:

When You Wake Up
T. Nile · Tingle & Spark
Olekranon · Aphelion
New Lady on the Prairie
Lizzy Hoyt · New Lady on the Prairie
Come To Me In Cold Dark Slumber
Kenna Burima · Kenna Burima
A Line We Never Drew
Coronado · Give Up Nothing vol. 1
Open Relationships · Poochy
Nice Dick
Open Relationships · Poochy
Good For Grapes · Man On The Page
Reid Jamieson Band · Juniper's Kitchen
Ema · The Future's Void