Transition State Episode September 30, 2014

Transition State 14 9 29

12:00am - 1:00am

Corb Lund - Hurtin Albertan-Counterfeit Blues
Wake Owl - Candy-The Private World Of Paradise
Good For Grapes - Eskimos-Man On The Page
Random Recipe - Beautiful Connection-Kill The Hook (Deluxe Edition)
Alien Whale - Astral Projections & Suicidal Thoughts-Alien Whale EP
Cousins - Singing-The Halls of Wickwire
Mecca Normal - Normal-Empathy for the Evil
John Legend - Save Room-Once Again
Delhi 2 Dublin - Apples-Live

Track Listing:

Hurtin Albertan
Corb Lund · Counterfeit Blues
wake owl · the private world of paradise
Good For Grapes · Man On The Page
Beautiful Connection
Random Recipe · Kill The Hook (Deluxe Edition)
Astral Projections & Suicidal Thoughts
Alien Whale · Alien Whale EP
Cousins · The Halls of Wickwire
Mecca Normal · Empathy for the Evil
Save Room
John Legend · Once Again
Delhi 2 Dublin · Live