Trancendance Episode December 15, 2019

DJ Solitare New School Mix Old School Artists

9:00pm - 10:59pm

DJ Solitare and I both agree... New School or Old School - good music is just good music. Try not to let trends and opinions colour your own feelings about the music that moves you! Then we both played some tracks. They were psychedelic.

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Hands On (Outer World Elements & Purple Remix)
Disco Hooligans · na
Etnica & Tsuyoshi · na
Spindrift · na
Magnetic Fields
Pleiadians · na
In Merge with Space
Total Eclipse · na
Alien Pets (Prastix & SpaceCat Remix)
Prana · na
Akoustik · na
Akoustik · na
Magnetic Interference
LAMAT · na
Ananda Shanti · na
Ananda Shanti · na
Total Integration
LAMAT & Han Solo · na
Tokyo Teleport (Sabertooth Rmx)
Starlab · na
Magnetic Interference
LAMAT · na
Spiritual Connection
Ganapati Trunkadelic · na
Tuning In
Ananda Shanti · na
Black Water
LAMAT & Han Solo · na