Trancendance Episode October 7, 2018

All Blue Trance

8:37pm - 11:00pm

In my crate, I use a colour coding system for my tracks. It used to be more complex, but now I basically just colour kick-ass tracks in blue. This week there's no new stuff. Nothing that might be mediocre. It's all blue, all the way through!

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Final Transmission (Zen Mechanics Rmx)
Avalon Vs Mr. Peculiar · na
Wrong Theory
Gaudium · na
Hidden Light
Durs · na
Dark Side of the Spoon
Orion · na
Alkaline (Original Mix)
Kessler & Skydance · na
Ace Ventura & Juno Reactor · na
Fountain Of Light
Techyon Vs Mother Womb · na
Last Warning (Original Mix)
Kessler · na
The Rudy Car
Morten Granau, OTB & Naughty Notes · na
The Rising Sun
Techyon Vs Mother Womb · na
The Serum
Antidote & GMS · na
Ground Control V2 (Original Mix)
Zen Mechanics · na
Faithful Souls
Naturalize · na
Burning Babylon Original Mix
Relativ · na
Dmt Perception
Sonic Entity & Ilai · na
Lyctum · na
Salvia Divinorum
E-Clip · na
The Gaia
Daniel Lesden · na
Vertical Ace
Vertical Mode & Ace Ventura · na
The Truth (Invisible Reality Remix)
Ritmo · na
Requiem to a Dream (Overture Version)
Drukverdeler & DJ Bim · na
Spiritual Identity
Dedale & Hekula · na
Long Story Short
Morten Granau & Phaxe · na
Hard One Loved Ones
Gaudium · na
Experience of Life (Sonic Sense Remix)
Zyce · na
Predator (Original Mix)
Shake · na
I Am The Sun Light
Zyce & Aquafeel · na
Colliding Galaxies
John '00' Fleming & Lyctum · na
Critical Distance
Starlab & Maitika · na
What I Really Need
Microlin · na
Living the Dream
Hemisync · na