Trancendance Episode April 1, 2018

Breaks Week

9:03pm - 10:59pm

This week I was tired of see-sawing back and forth between the same old genres, so I dusted off some old breaks tracks and picked up a few new ones. A little rusty at first but was having a blast by the end!

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Tear Down the Place (BreaksMafia Remix)
Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion · na
Protest Dirty
601 · na
Event Horizon
Nanosphere · na
Scientific Advancement (Chris Voro Remix)
Nick Sentience · na
Monotron (Original Mix)
Dr. Fish · na
Rat Race (feat. Peter Culture) [601] [Dub Mix]
Vinyl Junkie · na
Raptor (Pitch Drop Remix)
Camisole · na
Ladies Back (djsm live mix)
Danny Dee · na
Jingle Breaks
Danny Dee & Tedy Leon · na
Intelligent Life
Roboteknic & Z4thoichi · na
The Magnet Man · na
Scratch N Scar (Duel Calibre Remix)
Johnny Cage & Scarletti · na
Thrust 4 2012
Lee Coombs · na
601 · na
Crystal (Colombo Remix)
Kemtrails · na
Lilly In The Sky (Original Mix)
Lee Coombs · na
Sky (Under This Remix)
Quadrat Beat · na
Reality Struggle (Acidova Remix)
Algorithmic · na
Eze (Blazer Remix)
Eddie Bitar · na
Send a Message
Pray For Bass · na
Lost Planet (Danny Dee Remix)
Bass-Crime · na
Bass-Crime & Danny Dee · na
Bubble Couple · na
Your Dead
Danny Dee & Under Break · na
Breakaway (Blazer Remix)
HardNoise · na
Double Speak
Tedy Leon · na