Trancendance Episode March 25, 2018


9:02pm - 10:59pm

I'm a week late on getting this one published... Can't even remember what I played! Uptempo pay-tech?

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
World Creator (Original Mix)
Terrasun · na
Brightlight · na
Virtual Reality (Original Mix)
Out Of Range · na
Young Man On Acid (Original Mix)
One Function · na
Spiritual Connection
LAMAT & Han Solo · na
Vision Quest (Original Mix)
Mindbenderz · na
Zane Micallef · na
Astrix & Avalon · na
Symbolic · na
Restart The Sun (Original Mix)
Sinerider · na
On Fast Record
Electrified & Argonnight · na
Live Forever
Dead Venture & Jacob Bradley · na
Another Girl
Ish K · na
I Want You to Imagine
Brightlight · na
Distant World
StarLab · na
The One
Abraxas · na
My Uzi Weighs a Ton
Captain Hook & Atmos · na
Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix)
Ace Ventura · na
Hyperflow · na
Soulfly (Original Mix)
Zatzak & Doppler Shift · na
Valley of Stevie
Astrix & Ace Ventura · na
Everything from Nothing
Abraxas · na
Psykotic (djsm edit)
Anderex · na
Haber & Ranec · na