Trancendance Episode January 21, 2018

Uptempo Psytrance

8:58pm - 10:59pm

I've been raming up the tempo from week to week, and I'm starting to push into the faster stuff that I haven't played in awhile. Not quite up to full on speed yet, and I don't usually hit forest tempos, but still packing some energy. I think there's a few filler tracks in here, and a couple less than excellent mixes, but still a fun set.

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Transitions (Materia Vs Brainiac And Mindfold Rmx)
Cyrus The Virus Vs Waio And Avalon · na
The Butterfly Effect
Quantica · na
Power Of Acid (Twilight Remix)
Ranji · na
Preserve Destiny
Voyager, Kinesis · na
Tree Of Life
Sirion · na
Burning Mountain (Earthspace Remix)
Ilai · na
Anyone Seen Bender (Sinerider Remix)
Rinkadink · na
Drums At Dawn (Zen Mechanics Remix)
Sonic Species · na
Black Hole (Original Mix)
Impulser, Triceradrops · na
Encom (Original Mix)
Cyrus The Virus, Waio · na
Living the Dream
Hemisync · na
Without Music (Orisma Remix)
Sirion · na
Timelock · na
See the Light 2020 (Champa Rmx)
Twina · na
Sygnus (Original Mix)
The Digital Blonde · na
Space Time Dimension (Original Mix)
Electric Universe · na
The Bathroom Incident (Original Mix)
Dickster, Zen Mechanics · na
Outer Worlds
Disorder · na
Dragonfly (Kessler Remix)
Jano & Unstable · na
The Prestige
Kessler · na
Lucas and Dickster · na
Martian Arts · na
Double Up
Outsiders · na
Air Pressure (Original Mix)
Mental Broadcast Vs. 12 Sessions · na
Maldek (Etnica Livemix)
Pleiadians · na
Like I Do (Broken Toy Remix)
The Commercial Hippies · na
Vibes (Original Mix)
Twelve Sessions · na
Voyager · na
X-NoiZe vs. Volcano · na
Genetic Modualtion
Yar Zaa · na