Trancendance Episode January 14, 2018

Happy 2018!

8:29pm - 10:59pm

After 3 weeks away over the Christmas and New Years holidays, and an extra week away due to technical problems at the station, Trancendance is back! And we start the year off with some up-tempo progressive psytrance!

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Akasha (djsm ed)
Mindwave · na
Animato & Perfect Stranger · Harmonize
Binary Code (Original Mix)
Reverse, Hinap · na
Hope For Life
Animato & Liquid Soul · Harmonize
Animato · Harmonize
Waveform · na
Reflections (Original Mix)
Zyrus 7 · na
Reactor (Yestermorrow Remix)
Protonica · na
The Future (Liquid Soul Mix)
Liquid Soul, Zyrus 7 & Talla 2XLC · na
The Source (Original Mix)
Cathar · na
Shogan · Universe
Imagine (Champa vs. Mechanimal)
Champa & Mechanimal · na
All At Once (Rocky Tilbor Remix)
Ritmo · na
Shogan · Universe
Dolomia (Original Mix)
Dual Vision · na
Believe in the Change (djsm edit)
Ovnimoon, Zyce · na
Born Again (Original Mix)
One Function · na
Dark Energy
Shogan · Universe
Radio Entelechy (Original Mix)
E-Clip · na
The One (Original Mix)
E-Clip, Micky Noise · na
Physical Effects (Original Mix)
Maitika · na
Cosmonet, Solaris & Hype · na
Think Positive (djsm edit)
Swarups Brain · na
Vision Quest (Original Mix)
Mindbenderz · na
Virtual Reality (Original Mix)
Out Of Range · na
A Voice From Down
Sirion · na
Lazer Shot (Waio Remix)
Vertical Mode · na
Aum Namah Shivaya
Psyground · na