Trancendance Episode December 10, 2017

The End of 2017 (Psytrance)

8:56pm - 3:00am

We'll be away for the next THREE weeks (totally unprecedented) which makes this the last show of 2017! Some of my fave psytrance tracks along with a handful of new ones, including several off of DJ Fabio's new Therapy album! Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Hidden Light (djsm edit)
Durs · na
Bug Spencer
Bitmonx · na
Final Transmission (Zen Mechanics Rmx)
Avalon Vs Mr. Peculiar · na
The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn · na
Coming Soon & Day Din · na
Forget About Everything
Fabio Fusco & DJ Fabio · na
Who Would You Call (Bitmonx Remix)
XV Kilist & Rocco · na
Class A · na
The Serum
Antidote & GMS · na
Contact (Flat bassline)
Daniel Lesden · na
Alchemy (2016 Rework)
Cosmithex · na
Class A · na
Make It Work (Class A Remix)
Coming Soon · na
The Beginning
DJ Fabio & Moon · na
Bugs Nightmare
Dj Fabio, Moon · na
Think Different (Audiomatic Remix)
DNA · na
Trip Up & Fly
Coming Soon · na
Requiem to a Dream (Overture Version)
Drukverdeler & DJ Bim · na
Fabio Fusco, DJ Fabio & Interactive Noise · na
Rebirth (Gaudium Remix)
Ace Ventura · na
51 (Class A Remix)
Ace Ventura, Timelock · na
Fabio Fusco & DJ Fabio · na
Blue Dream
Dual Vision And Light Static · na
Back In the Game
Bitmonx · na
BadAss Disco
Coming Soon · na
Luscious (Original Mix)
DJ Bim, Druckverdeler · na
The World That You Know
Ace Ventura & Symbolic · na
Modern Age
Avalon & Symbolic · na
Type Dharma (djsm mash)
Astrix · na
Sacred Space
Daniel Lesden · na
Drukverdeler & DJ Bim · na