Trancendance Episode December 3, 2017

No Boundaries

9:00pm - 11:01pm

There are a few mixes this week that clash, but that's what happens when you span decades and genres in an on-the-fly mix. There's brand new stuff in here mixed up against some old faves from the late 90s and early 2000s. Overall there's more that I like than I don't. Perhaps this set will get rearranged a little to smooth out the kinks in the new year!

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
In the Music (djsm edit)
Lupo & Geezy · na
Vertigo (Jaksaw Remix)
AC Slater · na
Deren Sendil · na
Felix Luker · na
K1T · na
Locked In
Benjamin Vial · na
Bit By Bit
K1T · na
Collin Sullivan · na
Polar Soul (Kobyashi Mix)
Polar · na
K1T · na
Dirty Rave Intruder (djsm mash)
K1T vs The Collective · na
Evil Twin
Bart Lectro · na
The Light (Lish Album Edit)
Lish & Ace Ventura · na
Phoenix Contact (DJ Misjah Remix)
Maximus Bellini · na
Dirty Disco Nights (Deren Sendil Remix)
Hypster · na
Nineties (djsm edit)
K1T · na
Feel the Rhythm (Megaman Remix)
Musicbump · na
Unseen Enemy · na
Pornogames (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
Cristian Varela · na
Keep Thi$ Flow
Ajvas & Damon Rush · na
Alpha Groove
Lish · na
Karma (Original Mix)
Tarrentella · na
Anthem (Filthy Richs 'Tek No Shit' Remix)
Miles Dyson · na
Felix Luker · na
Stage One (Markus Schulz Dark Star Mix)
Space Manoeuvres · na
Rock Steady
Aston Vegas · na
Generation (Breakbeat Mix)
Max Graham & Estiva · na
1981 (Joey Beltram Remix)
The YellowHeads · na
Supa Stylin' (Airsoul Remix)
Damon Rush · na
Dirty Showdown · na
Overdose 2012 (Club Mix)
Tomcraft · na
Johnny Depprivation · na
Superstrobe · na
Dark Movements
Danny JW · na