Trancendance Episode October 15, 2017

Psychedelic Trance with Guest DJ Solitare

8:59pm - 10:59pm

DJ Solitare is back in the studio to share stories and part of his set from the Zna Gathering in Portugal.

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Crop Circles · na
Rhythmystec · na
Kaguya Hime
Juno Reactor · na
Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle
Infernal Machine · na
Travelling at the Speed of Thought
The Delta · na
Angelic Particles
Hallucinogen · na
Enlightened Evolution
Astral Projection · na
The Bathroom Incident (Original Mix)
Dickster, Zen Mechanics · na
Lucas and Dickster · na
Double Up
Outsiders · na
The Prestige
Kessler · na
Signal 5 (Original Mix)
DNA · na
Samurai Murderers (Brainiac Remix)
Disorder & Spectra Sonics · na
Uncivilised World (Original Mix)
Materia, Plasmotek · na
Suspect Spotted
Mad Maxx · na
Space Time Dimension (Original Mix)
Electric Universe · na
Without Music (Orisma Remix)
Sirion · na