Trancendance Episode October 1, 2017

Sequential Circus 21 and Techno

8:47pm - 10:46pm

Dark Arps joins me in studio to talk about Live Electronic happening at Sequential Circus 21 coming up on Oct 7th at Open Studios in Vancouver. And then there was techno.

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
datataste · na
Coincidence Control
Bastet · na
Mick Wildleder · na
Gimme Your tot's Live @ Generate
Andrew Van Hassel · na
Through the Fog
Wave Cooper · na
Red Rocks (Valerio Panizio Remix)
Rick Dyno · na
Adam Beyer & Pig&Dan · na
Darmec · na
Soulkill (DARMEC Remix)
Sin Sin · na
Move It Slower
YROR & Min&Mal · na
Blue Pill, Red Pill
YROR & RobVelj · na
Demoniak (2Bee Remix)
Dolby D · na
Proton (Darmec Remix)
Gene Karz & Dandi & Ugo · na
All Day & All Night
Liam Davis · na
Nick Henley & YROR · na
Relax (Original Mix)
Phunk Investigation & Dino Lenny · na
Can You Dance To My Beat
Daniel W · na
Orkestrated & Min & Mal · na
Your Monster
Short Round & Kenny Murdoch · na
Space Cadet
Jake Blunden · na
Drunk & Stupid
Wave Cooper · na
The Unknown Jungle
YROR · na
Ciberguerra (Joseph Dalik Remix)
Christian E · na
Blood Pressure
Joseph Dalik · na
Impossible Odds
Darmec · na
303 Dimension (Darmec Remix)
Phutek · na
Plan B
INA & Joe Kendut · na
Spacewarp (Darmec Remix)
Mark Sherry & Gene Karz · na