Trancendance Episode September 17, 2017

Hard House / Deep Tech

8:59pm - 12:03am

Started off with a brief Hard House kick after hearing a few tracks at Trancemission 20 last weekend, but quickly realized my old bones don't keep up with the 145bpm stuff quite as well as they used to, so things dropped down in tempo to some deeper techno with a few "synth-less" trance tracks ;)

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Party (DJ 156 BPM Remix)
OBSIDIAN Project · na
NG Rezonance & Costa Pantazis · na
2004 (Byron Trace Remix)
Arkett Spyndl · na
Rush Hour
Clayfacer · na
Man on the Moon
Guyver · na
James Lawson · na
Sinners (Rob O.T.T. Remix)
NG Rezonance · na
Hostile (Nick Sentience Remix)
Paul Glazby · na
Valerio Panizio · na
Mars Needs Time
Save the Robot · na
After Hours
Tom Clayton · na
Asphalt (Extended Mix)
Protoculture · na
Valerio Panizio · na
Layer Cake
Aldous · na
Sound of Silence
Liam Davis & ROSSO · na
Rabbits On XTC (Maximus Bellini Remix)
Frank Valon · na
Fear & Loathing
Fabrication & Eric Sidey · na
Hide 'n' Seek (Darmec Remix)
Valyum & Jay · na
The Hunt
Christian Cambas · na
Pornogames (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
Cristian Varela · na
Fabrication & Eric Sidey · na
Traffic (Tristan Garner Remix)
Tiësto · na
BNDT & Fabrication · na
Operation Hyper (Airwave remix)
Timewave · na
Rhetorical Question (Chris Micali Remix)
Habersham & Numinous · na
Perfect Stranger & Human Element · na
The Feeling
Ensemble of the Eclipse Bunker
Atmos · na
Instance of Time
Mark Dekoda · na
Mark Dekoda · na
Follow Me (Perfect Stranger Remix)
Ritmo · na