Trancendance Episode August 6, 2017

Deep Tech Psy Trance

9:03pm - 11:02pm

Kind of a mishmash of deeper stuff tonight, most of it with a pretty thick beat.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Aloo (djsm Extended)
Devochka · na
Electric Samurai · na
Daniel Nusdeo · na
Particles of Love (Original Mix)
Airwave & Astropilot · na
At Long Last (Original Mix)
Liquid Vision · na
Metro (djsm vs. Gabe Agullo)
Syndicate · na
Surreal (Pt. 1)
Daniel Lesden · na
MVMB · na
Mark Dekoda & Orkestrated · na
The Alchemist
Elephunk · na
Tour De Trance (Insert Name 2016 Remix)
John '00' Fleming · na
Metro (djsm Bootleg)
Syndicate · na
Dark Movements
Danny JW · na
Welkin (djsm Edit)
E-Clip · na
Tour De Trance (Gary Delaney Remix)
John '00' Fleming · na
5000 Light Years from Earth (Simon Templar Tribute Remix)
John '00' Fleming · na
Don't Deny Me
YROR · na
How We Party
YROR · na
Too Late
Amir · na
Instance of Time
Mark Dekoda · na
Buenos Aires (Frost Raven Remix)
Christopher Lawrence, Fergie & Sadrian · na
Mark Dekoda · na
Sound of Silence
Liam Davis & ROSSO · na
One You Need
Atmos · na
The Day Before
Basil O'Glue & Gordey Tsukanov · na
Aphrodite (Tech Mix)
Frost Raven · na
Shiva Tribe
Bionik Vokolder · na
Brandon Bourke · na
Never Say Never Again (Original Mix)
Reaky · na
165 Earth Years
Daniel Lesden · na