Trancendance Episode June 4, 2017

Psytrance with Special Guest Dilly D. Dialogue

9:01pm - 3:00am

This week Dilly D. Dialogue is back in the studio with a new combination of gear mixing through a range of dark and progressive psytrance!

Track Listing:

Smiley Mike · na
Boom Energetica
Suntribe · na
Mr. Fix (E-Clip Remix)
Vertical Mode · na
Abstract Blizzard
Back2Beat · na
Data Crystals
Chosen · na
ADP (Dark 4x4 Dubstep)
Anticitizen One · na
Citizen Repression
Itchy & Scratchy · na
Dimension 35C
Terrafractyl & Spacey Koala · na
A Short Cut of Mushrooms
Deedrah · na
Gandalf · na
Tripping Balls
Mekkanikka · na
Vectro Electro · na
Coming Soon · na
Beyond the Galaxy
Kinesis · na
Apple Talk (Remix)
D-Tek & Mexican Trance Mafia · na
GastraxX · na
Abstract Blizzard
Back2Beat · na
The Blue Bomber (Mega Man III Intro)
PsyNES · na
Nothing Less
Liftshift · na
Crazy Ducks · na
Outsiders & Freedom Fighters · na
Astrix & Deedrah · na
Pattern Safari
Audiomatic & Vaishiyas · na
The Jolly Roger (Nok Remix)
Ace Ventura & Captain Hook · na
Sonic the Chemist (Chemical Plant Zone)
PsyNES · na
Ritmo & Astrix · na
Cosmic Traveller
Digital Basement · na
Sun Of Altona
Ovnimoon & Rigel · na
Vibrating Universe
Fiery Dawn · na
Total Integration
LAMAT & Han Solo · na
Ocean Denail
Suntree & Anti-Gravity · na
Acid Farm
Vertical Mode · na
Aliens Attack
The Digital Blonde · na
Valley of Stevie
Astrix & Ace Ventura · na
E-Clip · na
Countdown To Extintion
Lamat · na