Trancendance Episode May 7, 2017

Breakbeat Rehash

9:04pm - 11:03pm

I was in a rush this week, even late by a few minutes, so I scrambled to find an old set I could just dive into. The first half is pretty close to a show from several weeks back, but as it progressed into the second half it started to take on some twists.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Colombo · na
Found My Peace (feat. BBK)
Colombo · na
Beatman, Ludmilla & Blazer · na
Kid Panel · na
Delirium (Andy Faze Remix)
Sloth · na
Outer Hypnosis
Andy Faze · na
Feeling This (Dr. Fish Remix)
Hardnoise · na
Beat Goes
Kid Panel · na
Clap & Bounce (Colombo Remix)
DJ 33 · na
The Bomb Squad · na
Breakbeat Buddha
N'gwa · na
Psychedelic Medicine (djsm Extended Mix)
Andy Faze & Miss Mants · na
Intelligent Life
Roboteknic & Z4thoichi · na
Funqualize (Original Mix)
Under This · na
Monotron (Original Mix)
Dr. Fish · na
Give A Little Love (Aurality Breakbeat Bootleg)
Johnny Osbourne · na
Protest Dirty (djsm Extended Mix)
601 · na
Event Horizon
Nanosphere · na
The Sermon
Imetic · na
Nanosphere · na
Great Business (Kid Digital Remix)
Winter Face · na
With Da Pitch Up (Quadrat Beat Remix)
Alex Clubbers & Neoh · na
Rat Race (Kid Digital Remix)
Future Funk Squad & Mojo · na
Tactics (BETA Remix)
Future Funk Squad & Wrexx · na
The Hunted (Blazer Remix)
Future Funk Squad · na
Connect (Dr. Fish Remix)
Home Alone, Ap3x · na
Earwig (Dr. Fish Remix)
Motna · na
Insanity (Xtreme Project Remix)
Dj Randy · na