Trancendance Episode February 12, 2017

Prog Psy with Special Guest K-man

8:56pm - 11:06pm

This week K-man from Soundproof is in the studio to drop a live guest mix for us. Progressive psytrance is the flavour of the week with tracks from Morten Granau, Berg and Tezla among others.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Mortin Granau, MVMB · na
Polynomial (Ranji Remix)
Mortin Granau · na
Autopilot, Querox · na
Ali Baba
Interactive Noise · na
Tezla · na
Here and Now
Odiseo · na
Big Bang Machine
Berg · na
On my Way (Monod Remix)
Synsoniq · na
We Are No One
Amir · na
Zombie Fm
Omiki · na
Back to the 80s
Tezla · na
Future Intelligence (Doubles Edit)
Lyctum · na
Dark Matter (E-Clip Remix)
Ace Ventura · na
Ground Control V2 (Original Mix)
Zen Mechanics · na
Bringers Of The Dawn
Rigel & Unika Libela · na
Alkaline (Original Mix)
Kessler & Skydance · na
Liquid Soul, Zyce · na
Love One Another
Microlin · na
Mr. Suspect · na
Soul Harmonics
Ovnimoon vs Rigel · na
Time Travellers
Egorythmia & E-Clip · na