Trancendance Episode October 30, 2016

Return to Trance

9:00pm - 10:52pm

After playing some low BPM progressive psytrance a few weeks back, and dug up some new low bpm tech trance for this week's show and discovered a few new artists including Harry Square, Johnny Yono, and Matrey.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Fair & Square (djsm Extended Mix)
Harry Square · na
Arkham Knights · na
Coherent (Johnny Yono Remix)
Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene · na
Concrete Jungle
Solis & Sean Truby & Harry Square · na
Not Over Yet (Johnny Yono Remix)
Grace · na
Route 66
2nd Phase · na
Poison Whispers
Johnny Yono · na
Abstract Vision & Ultimate · na
Destination Anywhere (Johnny Yono Remix)
Lange · na
Waves (Harry Square Remix)
Nifra · na
Vagabond (Future Disciple Remix)
Sean Tyas · na
Matrey · na
Space Warrior
Matrey & Andrea Viniolla · na
New World Shamanism
Matrey · na
Firebolt (djsm Extended Mix)
Tonerush · na
Apache (djsm Extended Mix)
Fisherman & Hawkins · na
Question of Time (Harry Square Remix)
Evgeny Lebedev · na
Holbrook & SkyKeeper · na
Weekend (EDU Remix)
Witness45 · na
Slip & Slide
Harry Square · na
Stakeout (Matrey Remix)
Dreamy & Akku · na